What Is Beautiful Skin?

Healthy skin reflects optimal beauty…first things first!

Beautiful skinHealthy, beautiful skin is every woman’s desire, and helping you to look and feel your best is my highest goal.

Balancing Your Skin

I believe that bringing the skin to a “balanced condition” is the most important first step.  Once the skin is balanced it is healthier and ready for professional treatments. Balanced skin will accept more intense treatments with less irritation and less potential for damage.

What is Balanced Skin?

The pH of the skin should be between 4.5 to 5.5.  If the skin is out of this range skin conditions will be present.

Healthy Skin

Once the skin is healthy, additional products can be added to home care to prepare and support the skin during the professional treatments.  These products reduce negative results such as redness, hyperpigmentation, irritation and other negative outcomes.

Because my goal is to help you have beautiful happy skin, it is important to use the most innovative, highest quality products at the best value.  Together we will find the right combination of products for your skin.

Remember, our skin is an organ…your largest organ.  So anything that is going on with the skin is a reflection of both internal and external health.  Therefore, ones diet and lifestyle must be considered in treatment.

Posh Skin And Hair Grand Opening

Grand Opening on March 14th 2012


A small, peaceful, stylish place focused exclusively on you, your skin and your hair. Business is done by appointment only but if we are there and the door is open, please come in. Posh is the result of collaboration between Edna Ness, Therapeutic Esthetician and Heidi Kennedy, Stylist extraordinaire. Together we created an elegant environment where our clients can escape the rigors of the day and be revitalized, pampered and renewed. It is our goal to have each of you feel like a VIP…because you are! Our focus is on you…how you look, how you feel and how we can make your day a little better for visiting Posh!

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